Glute Band Workout: Influencers Take Note!

I start posting band burnouts in 2014, but when my buddy Cem had me do a 2-3 minute burnout when we were training together in my Phoenix garage, I knew these mini-workouts would be effective in helping me grow my clients' upper glutes.

To Train To Failure Or Not

In this video, I discuss the different types of failure and explain which are most fatiguing, I discuss what the literature has to say on the topic, and I finish off with practical applications and recommendations. Hope you enjoy the thoroughness.

The Truth About Hip Dip Workouts

In this video, I discuss hip dips...what they are, why we need to normalize them, why they're a natural byproduct of good training, and why these stupid influencers need to stop prescribing "hip dip workouts" claiming to eliminate hip dips. These charlatans who pray off of the naivety of others.