Glute Rack - Ultimate

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The BC Strength Glute Rack is a unique squat stand designed to provide a glute focus to your training. 


  • Heavy-duty 1000lb rated commercial grade squat stand
  • 2” hole spacing
  • Large laser cut numbers 
  • UHMW protected J-Cups with chrome pins
  • Detachable Thruster Attachment with high density foam and chrome legs
  • 2.375” x 2.375” black texture powder coated 11-gauge steel 
  • 51” deep x 47.5” wide x 95” tall
  • Molded rubber feet to prevent sliding and protect floor
  • Assembled Weight: 160lbs
  • Adjustable height Pull Up Bar (needs to be in the top position for the optional High/Low Pulley attachment)
  • Floor mounting plate (to secure Glute Rack to floor)

We offer the Glute Rack in three different packages - Standard, Pro and Ultimate. Plus a special shorter version of the Glute Rack, which is designed to be used in spaces with lower ceiling heights. The Standard, Pro and Ultimate options provide more functionality if you are not limited by ceiling height.

The Glute Rack - Standard comes with the Glute Rack, Pull Up Bar, Thruster Attachment, J-Cups and Bar Holders. Includes all tools required for assembly.

The Glute Rack - Pro comes with all of the accessories and features included in the Standard, plus Spotter Arms, Single Band Pegs, Dual Pronged Pins, Thruster Pad Bar and the Nordic Ham Curl Block.

The Glute Rack - Ultimate comes with all of the accessories and features included in the Pro, plus the Dip Attachment, Step Up Platform, Deficit Platform, Landmine and High/Low Pulley.

The Glute Rack - Short comes with the Glute Rack (in a shorter 80 inch height version), Pull Up Bar, Thruster Attachment, J-Cups, Bar Holders, Spotter Arms, Single Band Pegs, Dual Pronged Pins, Thruster Pad Bar, Nordic Ham Curl Block, Landmine and High/Low Pulley.

Customer Reviews

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Extremely well thought out and high quality. I will be using this rack for a long long time. shockingly fast shipping too

Worth It

If you're waffling on whether this is worth the money, it is. This rack is excellent quality and incredibly well designed. It's extremely versatile and easy to add and remove parts for various exercises. I'm overwhelmed by how many options this rack offers for exercise variations. I compared products from Rogue and VTX and the Glute Rack Ultimate was not only more affordable by far, but has so much more to offer for the price range it's in. I now have a complete home gym.

I haven’t seen another rack like it.

I would get this one if you have the cash or you would have to email support every time you wanted to buy another piece to it. It’s about $1500 for a complete home gym that has the same quality as Rogue or Rep. If you want one of their complete home gyms you could easily pay over 5 grand. And you are supporting Bret’s content.

Amazing purchase

I absolutely love my glute rack. It is extremely versatile and I can easily transform it using all of the components to perform different exercises. It is very high quality and well-made, and assembly was relatively easy. I would highly recommend it!

More than expected

There are so many great things about this piece of equipment and the other reviews already alluded to that. My biggest surprise was how easy it was to assemble the product. I absolutely hate DIY projects, but this assembly was a breeze and the provided tools, like the glute rack, are of great quality. I was unsure whether the Ultimate is worth it compared to the Pro. YES! The dip attachment, pulley, and step-up platform are 100% worth the extra $$$ in my opinion.

You can see that this product was not developed overnight. There went a lot of thought into this project. It is really easy to transition between different exercises. For example, transitioning between step-ups and Nordic hamstring curls are very quick because of the thought that went into the design.

Great product!

Ultimate Features

  • Dip Attachment

    The patent-pending Dip Attachment sits across the Spotter Arms, and creates a very stable dip station. The 11-gauge powder coated steel construction is designed to last, and the angled handles make this suitable for a wide range of users.

  • Step Up Platform

    Our unique patent-pending Dip Attachment also allows for the use of the Step Up Platform. The 1" thick, 17-ply Baltic birch wood platform allows you to perform exercises such as step ups, and step downs. This platform can be adjusted in 2" increments.

  • Deficit Platform

    Interchangeable with the Step Up Platform, the Deficit Platform also allows for exercises such as straddle lifts, and straddle stiff leg deadlifts. The 1" thick, 17-ply Baltic birch wood platform can be adjusted in 2" increments.

  • High/Low Pulley

    The High/Low Pulley attaches to the Pull Up Bar and Low Pulley cross member (included), and allows for a range of exercises such as goblet squats, cable pull downs and tricep extensions. The High/Low Pulley is rated to 500lbs.

  • Landmine

    The quick-attach Landmine can be attached to various positions on the Glute Rack and allows for a range of exercises such as single leg RDL's, Landmine lunges and Landmine single leg hip thrusts.

Also Includes These Pro Features

  • Spotter Arms

    The Spotter Arms are constructed from 2.375" x 2.375" 11-gauge black texture powder coated steel, with chrome pins, laser cut numbers and protected with UHMW to ensure durability. We recommend the use of the Spotter Arms during barbell exercises.

  • Single Band Pegs

    These heavy-duty chrome band pegs can be used for various resistance band exercises, such as band hip thrusts, banded military press and bar + band squats. The Glute Rack Pro includes 4 x Single Band Pegs.

  • Dual Pronged Pins

    These heavy-duty chrome dual pronged pins can be used for various resistance band exercises and also 45-degree hypers and Nordic Ham Curls (when used in conjunction with the Thruster Pad Bar). The Glute Rack Pro includes 2 x Dual Pronged Pins.

  • Thruster Pad Bar

    The Thruster Pad Bar sits in the J-Cups and provides a unique way to perform hip thrusts. When used in conjunction with the Spotter Arms, Dual Pronged Pins, and Nordic Ham Curl Block you can also perform exercises such as 45-degree hypers and Nordic Ham Curls.

  • Nordic Ham Curl Block

    The Nordic Ham Curl Block locks the Thruster Pad Bar in position to create a unique method for performing Nordic Ham Curls.

Also Includes These Standard Features

  • Glute Rack

    The Glute Rack is a heavy duty 1000lb rated commercial grade squat stand.

  • Thruster Attachment

    The detachable Thruster Attachment allows for hip thrusts and other glute specific exercises to be performed directly in the Glute Rack.

  • J-Cups

    Comes with a set of UHMW protected J-Cups with chrome pins.

  • Pull Up Bar

    The straight Pull Up Bar can be set to your desired height.

  • Bar Holders

    Keep your gym tidy with the integrated bar holders.

  • Molded Rubber Feet

    Prevent sliding and protect your floor with the molded rubber feet.

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