Backstage Booty Band

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The Backstage Booty Band is approximately 18" in length and 3" wide, and has been exclusively designed as a convenient tool to help physique competitors achieve a glute pump backstage. Traditionally this has been challenging to achieve with something like a Glute Loop because the placement around the thighs can interfere with their tan. The Backstage Booty Band gets around this issue by incorporating foot loops into the band.

Alternatively, it can be used as a training tool as it provides resistance to build the glutes via various types of kickback and abduction exercises.

Invented by Coach Paul Revelia, and developed by Dr, Bret Contreras, the Backstage Booty Band is currently available in a single size and strength (Strong).

  • Approximate dimensions: 3" by 18"
  • Color: black, with pink and green branding
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Guaranteed against wear and tear for 90 days

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This is such a game changer for clients that can’t get the band up above their knee. Also, a game changer for lateral walking squats, and angled kickbacks. Anything created by this man is amazing.

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