Hip Thrust Package + FREE Resistance Band Package

SKU: Hip Thrust Package

The BC Strength Hip Thrust Package contains the exact range of products that are used in the hip thrust stations at Glute Lab.

The BC Strength Hip Thrust Package contains the following products, and offers a 10% saving on the regular purchase price:

Customer Reviews

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Targets Glutes like nothing else could. Amazing deal- all the items we received are extremely good quality


Much easier than using a 7' bar and bench in a power rack.
Worked up to 670 using the square foam pad provided, little to no bruising or pain on the hips.
Felt no pressure on the hips doing 580 to failure. Rotating pad makes recruiting lower back easier.


JACKPOT! What an incredible set ! Is it worth the money? HELL YES IT IS!! Quality quality and quality that’s all I will say. GROWING THAT BOOTY with the best.

Made for Glutes

Just used my thruster 3.0 package and it is made for hard core glute training! I thought I didn’t need Brett’s glute specific equipment and could just get my hip thrusting in using traditional gym equipment, let me tell you that the thruster 3.0 gets so far in the glute muscles that I needed help getting off the floor! Wow is all I can say! I’m impressed and that isn’t easy to do ;)

John DeMonte
Great packaging and great product

Everything came well packaged and was easy to assemble. The value you get with this package and the quality of the equipment is very high.

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