Gym memberships have seen a steady increase over the past decade, with females making up an estimated 52% of the membership base ¹. Gym memberships are set to continue on a gradual increase in the coming years as consumers continue to prioritise their health and wellbeing post-pandemic ².

With the popularity of glute exercises continuing to increase, we are seeing a growing trend for the demand of hip thrust equipment and dedicated areas in gyms for these types of exercises and equipment. BC Strength can offer a range of glute-focused equipment, from affordable and light-weight Glute Benches to the plate loaded Thruster Pro. 


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Our Key Hip Thrust Range of Products

Lower Cost + Portable

The Glute Bench comes in 2 sizes and offers a lightweight, portable way for your members to perform hip thrusts in various locations throughout the gym. The Glute Bench also doubles as an alternative flat bench and can be stored upright when not in use.

Perfect for a smaller gym space, the Glute Bench has been loaded tested to 1200lbs so it offers members an easy option to perform heavy hip thrusts or body weight thrusts without the need for a large space or fixed piece of equipment. 

Heavy Duty + Versatile

If you're looking for a dedicated hip thrust station then the Thruster 3.0 is a great choice. It allows for both standard and rotisserie hip thrusts, and can also be used with elastic resistance. Plus, the rotating back pad can also be used for Nordic Ham Curls.

The Gold Standard

The Thruster Pro is our commercial-grade, plate-loaded hip thrust option. It offers the ultimate in both comfort, ease of use and functionality. If you are looking for a dedicated hip thrust station that can be easily loaded and unloaded, then the Thruster Pro is the perfect choice.

Unlike other plate loaded glute drives on the market, the Thruster Pro can hold 900lbs of weight. This fixed machine is delivered ready to go and includes a 5-year warranty. A great option for a large space and to entice female lifters looking to maximise their hip thrust and glute gains. 

We offer wholesale pricing and can work with you to provide a range of glute training equipment specific to your gym space and members.

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