Glute Loop™ Package

SKU: GL Package

The BC Strength Glute Loop™ Package contains 6 individual products, and offers a 25% + saving on the regular purchase price:

  • 1 x S/M Regular, 1 x S/M Strong and 1 x S/M Extra Strong
  • 1 x L/XL Regular , 1 x L/XL Strong and 1 x L/XL Extra Strong

The BC Strength Glute Loop™ can be used during hip extension exercises such as squats, bridges, hip thrusts, leg presses, and reverse hypers to add a hip abduction component and place double duty on the glutes. It can be used in the standing, hip hinge, supine, seated, quadruped, and side lying positions to provide resistance for frontal or transverse plane hip abduction movements. It can also be used in the quadruped and standing positions to provide resistance during hip extension movements. There are over 30 different glute exercises that we perform while wearing the BC Strength Glute Loop™. It's a staple for any person who is serious about improving their gluteal strength, function, and development.

  • Approximate dimensions: 3" by 13" (S/M) and 3" by "15 (L/XL)
  • Approximate weight: 5oz
  • Color: black and blue
  • Heavy-duty construction for professional use
  • The Glute Loop is manufactured from elasticated grippy fabric so there may be very minor variations in appearance between products
  • Guaranteed against wear and tear for 90 days

Customer Reviews

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The best bands on the market

This is my second purchase of bands by BC Strength. The first set I gifted to my partner so I need to buy new ones. I love how well-made they are. Excellent product and the shipping was fast.


Love these. Great quality! Highly recommend.

Booty builder

You can buy them one at a time or get the package. $20 per band is not bad considering a used inner outer thigh machine is $1500 to $2500 plus shipping. This does the same thing plus more.


Best quality bands I’ve ever seen


Excellent quality

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