Barbell resistance is awesome, and band resistance is awesome. You know what is even more awesomer? Bar plus band resistance!

In this video, I explain why I believe that bar + band resistance is the most effective form of training for strength and muscle, possibly with everyone, but even more likely with those individuals who are prone to excessive soreness, muscle damage, and injuries.

What needs to be figured out over time is 1) whether more volume can indeed be carried out using bar plus bands compared to bar only (while still allowing for full recovery), 2) the optimal frequency and volume per exercise using bar plus band vs. bar only, and 3) the optimal ratio of band/bar tension per exercise.

Theory aside, variable resistance has been used for many decades in S&C. From bands to chains to CAMs to weight releasers to elastic clothing and supportive equipment, there are numerous ways to increase the resistance throughout an exercise's range of motion. Legendary strength coach Louie Simmons helped bring bands to the forefront of the industry with his Westside Method for powerlifting training, and I've built upon his methods for StrongLifting training (and for glute training).

Shown are the main ways we utilize bands at Glute Lab. We use them quite often, as you can see. Although these methods may not be viable for the masses training in commercial gyms, they're a no-brainer for those training from home or in their garages.

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