The Best 45 Degree Hyper On The Market

I’m obsessed with 45 degree hypers so I endeavored to make the best unit on the market and I believe my team did it. No gym in the world uses the 45 degree hyper as much as we do at @glutelabofficial so it makes sense that @bcstrengthofficial would make the ultimate model.

What NOT To Do During Bikini Prep

I’ve had great success this past year with my squad with regards to bikini competitions. A first place finish for NPC and 5 for 5 pro cards (on their first try) for WBFF. Why is this so? It’s the training. So many competitors don’t train hard year round.

How To Frog Pump

Frog Pumps are an awesome glute exercise that took the S&C industry by storm several years back. Original conception goes to Smitty Diesel "The Frog Father." The degree to how much you like this exercise relates to your hip anatomy.

To Bulk And Cut Or Not To Bulk And Cut: How To Recomp

These days, the majority of serious lifters seem to be on continuous bulking and cutting cycles. I truly think this phenomenon became so popular because the practice benefited supplement companies, who profited from selling distinct products for bulking and cutting, thereby guaranteeing continuous, year-round customers.

Bloodflow Restriction Training For Glutes

Bloodflow restriction training (BFR) is a legit form of training with tons of research support. It's obvious that it works well for occluded (distal) muscles such as quads and biceps, but what about muscles above the cuff (proximal) - such as the glutes and pecs?