How To Frog Pump

Frog Pumps are an awesome glute exercise that took the S&C industry by storm several years back. Original conception goes to Smitty Diesel "The Frog Father." The degree to how much you like this exercise relates to your hip anatomy. Some of you will absolutely love it while others will not feel it at all. If you're a "frog pump non-responder," don't worry about it. Move on and don't do them. Plenty of other great glute exercises to go around. But if you love them just as I do (they're my favorite glute exercise), then you have four options: bodyweight, dumbbell, smith machine, and partner. In this video, I will teach you how to hip thrust, how to perform the different variations, and how to interpret the science. One last thing...don't listen to fucking idiots who bash frog pumps. No "actual" trainer would do that. Only fake trainers who pretend to work with people in real life but really just sit behind a computer do things like that. Wish you guys realized that. My Glute Squad has thoroughly enjoyed their dumbbell and smith machine frog pumps sprinkled in over the past few years, and they're stronger and have better glutes than anyone these posers work with.