I’ve had great success this past year with my squad with regards to bikini competitions. A first place finish for NPC and 5 for 5 pro cards (on their first try) for WBFF. Why is this so? It’s the training.

So many competitors don’t train hard year round. They only train hard during prep. This won’t lead to the physique changes necessary to get you the victory. In this video I outline my thoughts pertaining to bikini training and provide you with sound rationale. If you’re not a competitor, you can still benefit from these methods as you’ll likely want to peak from time to time throughout the year (photo shoot, vacation, wedding, etc.).

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How To Frog Pump

Frog Pumps are an awesome glute exercise that took the S&C industry by storm several years back. Original conception goes to Smitty Diesel "The Frog Father." The degree to how much you like this exercise relates to your hip anatomy.

The Best 45 Degree Hyper On The Market

I’m obsessed with 45 degree hypers so I endeavored to make the best unit on the market and I believe my team did it. No gym in the world uses the 45 degree hyper as much as we do at @glutelabofficial so it makes sense that @bcstrengthofficial would make the ultimate model.

A Scientific Guide to Determine an Exercise’s Effectiveness

All exercises are awesome. Some are better suited than others for helping a person reach various goals. This video details a guide that can be used to help determine how effective a particular exercise is...

Progressive Overload vs The Mind Muscle Connection

In this video, I discuss the research behind attentional focus, the benefits of the mind muscle connection and progressive overload,...

Glute Band Workout: Influencers Take Note!

I start posting band burnouts in 2014, but when my buddy Cem had me do a 2-3 minute burnout when...

To Train To Failure Or Not

In this video, I discuss the different types of failure and explain which are most fatiguing, I discuss what the...

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