How To Best Train The Glutes (Rule Of Thirds)


If you want to maximize your glute development, then I encourage you to utilize my "Rule Of Thirds" in your training. When you design programs for yourself or your clients, you want around a third of your exercises to be vertical in vector, one third to be horizontal, and one third lateral/rotary. In addition, around a third of your sets should be heavy in the 1-5 repetition range, a third should be moderate in the 6-15 repetition range, and a third should be light in the 16-30 repetition range (and sometimes all the way up to 100). You also want to make sure that you're not performing every set to failure; around a third of your sets should be taken to absolute muscle failure, one third a couple repetitions shy of failure, and a third nowhere close to failure (like 10 repetitions shy).

In doing so, you will maximize the development of all of the gluteal regions, you will maximally develop both the fast and slow twitch fibers, and you will train all three primary joint actions of the glutes, thereby ensuring that your transference to sports and functional performance is maximized.

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