In this episode of overrated/underrated, I delve into various topics related to booty influencers, including squeezing glutes at the top of a squat, hovering on the seated hip abduction machine, doing stepdowns off the assisted chin/dip station, side lying single leg leg presses, raising the non-working leg during step-ups, doing kickbacks on the smith machine and hip thrusts off the leg extension/curl machine, doing kickbacks and/or wearing bands while on the stepmill/stairmaster, doing squatty lateral band walks, lateral lunges off the Bosu ball, plyos for glutes, band burnouts for glutes, circuit training for glutes, various gadgets for glute development, and combining movements for glutes. I realize that I should have broken each of these into separate videos but oh well. You live and learn. I hope you enjoy the video, shout out to Alex Razo for editing it. Please like and share if you deem it to be valuable.

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The Best Booty Burnout Ever (The BC Ladder)

The BC Ladder is by far my most popular burnout for good reason - it's simple and leaves your glutes screaming for mercy. You simply alternate between reps of bridges and reps of abductions and you count down until you reach zero.

Grow Your Glutes Without Growing Your Legs

Everyone these days seems to want to grow a booty while not gaining any additional leg mass. While I believe that the vast majority of lifters should indeed be training their legs hard, some lifters need to employ special tactics in order to reach their goals.

A Scientific Guide to Determine an Exercise’s Effectiveness

All exercises are awesome. Some are better suited than others for helping a person reach various goals. This video details a guide that can be used to help determine how effective a particular exercise is...

Progressive Overload vs The Mind Muscle Connection

In this video, I discuss the research behind attentional focus, the benefits of the mind muscle connection and progressive overload,...

Glute Band Workout: Influencers Take Note!

I start posting band burnouts in 2014, but when my buddy Cem had me do a 2-3 minute burnout when...

To Train To Failure Or Not

In this video, I discuss the different types of failure and explain which are most fatiguing, I discuss what the...

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