The BC Pyramid was a huge hit on IG a couple of years ago. I felt it would be a good idea to post about it on YouTube since it is a better platform for demonstrating the protocol.

It’s a badass 4-week program to help you build and strengthen your glutes. Tried and tested in Glute Lab and implemented by numerous people around the world.


SET 1: Select a load the you can perform for around 15 reps.

SET 2: Select a load that you can perform for around 10 reps.

SET 3: Select a load that you can perform for around 5 reps.

SET 4: Select a load that you can perform for 20 reps (know that you’re fatigued by this point, so you’ll have to go lighter than normal) and add a miniband around your knees.

*Do this for 4 straight weeks. Keep the weights the same but go up in reps. Aim for around 50 reps the first week, 60 reps the second week, 65 reps the third week, and 70 reps the fourth week.

Example from a Glute Lab member:

  SET 1 (225lbs) SET 2 (275lbs) SET 3 (315lbs) SET 4 (185lbs) Total Reps
Week 1 15 10 5 20 50
Week 2 17 12 5 20 54
Week 3 18 13 7 20 58
Week 4 20 14 8 22 64

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