Hamstring Roller + Track

SKU: Hamstring Roller + Track

The BC Strength Hamstring Roller + Track is the most effective way to perform exercises like the bodyweight hamstring curl.

The Hamstring Roller can be used independently but we recommend use with the Track, which is included in this purchase. This movement is arguable the most joint-friendly hamstring movement and is well-tolerated even by many individuals who experience pain in the back of the knees with Nordic Ham and various leg curls.

The motion is very fluid and can be progressed to accommodate highly advanced individuals. From bilateral to eccentric single leg to single leg to elevated, everyone gets a crazy hamstring burn with this equipment.

The unique patent pending Hamstring Track is designed to allow for smooth motion and is custom designed to fit the Hamstring Roller.

The Hamstring Track can also be elevated, for example onto a BC Strength Bench, to provide additional exercise options.

Various lunge and abdominal rollout exercises are possible using this equipment but we chose to focus on how it’s used in Glute Lab.

  • Made from heavy duty steel
  • The Hamstring Roller is 24.5 inches wide, 10.25 inches deep and 3.25 inches high
  • The Hamstring Track is 47 inches long, 25.25 inches wide and 1 inch high
  • Super Smooth 3.25 inch diameter Urethane Wheels with ABEC Bearing 23
  • V-shaped foot catch
  • Durable black textured powder coated finish
  • Light weight and easy to store

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Hammies on fire

There’s nothing to hate about this item. It’s affordable, doesn’t take up a lot of room, arrives fully assembled, very sturdy and solid, and provides amazing hamstring isolation. I did three sets of 20 today and can barely walk. It’s perfect for me because I work out at home in a space that does not have smooth floors so I cannot use typical hamstring sliding disks. The track solves that problem plus makes the movement so smooth and even, enabling me to focus more on the mind muscle connections. Easily my favorite piece of workout equipment and the best thing I’ve bought from this site.

Joe Moca
Great way to hit the hamstrings

Love this piece of equipment. Clients do as well. Its a great way to hit the hamstrings without doing your typical prone hamstring curls or seated curls. I've also found some other uses for it such as ab rolls, lateral lunges, slider lunges etc. For its price, its well worth the investment.

Cara Conway

Simple design that really gives your hammy's a workout! Love it!

So smooth

First off, the price point is awesome. For what you get, I think this is quite a good price compared to other companies. Second, it rolls so smoothly. You can use it for hamstring curls, ab roller, reverse and lateral lunges, crunches, etc. Love how versatile it is!

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