Grow Your Glutes without Growing Your Legs: 12-Week Program (eBook)

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One of the most common requests I get from my clients and people seeking a glute-training program is how to grow the glutes without growing the legs. In this book, I offer a comprehensive 12-week program to help you improve strength and add muscle to your glutes without increasing the size of your thighs. 

Who this book is good for:

  • Anyone interested in increasing the strength and prominence of their glutes without adding bulk to their legs
  • Quad dominant athletes and physique competitors who want to balance their glute-to-thigh ratio
  • Lifters who are constantly in pain stemming from squat and hip-hinge movement patterns
  • Bodybuilders, glute trainers, and athletes who want to supplement their training sessions with targeted glute workouts
  • Personal trainers who want to expand their glute-training knowledge 

What’s included:

  • Why some people should train their glutes without working their legs 
  • Strategies for creating a grow your glutes without growing your legs program
  • 45 Cutting-edge glute-specific exercises 
  • Detailed step-by-step color photos, guidelines, and descriptions for each exercise
  • 12-week glutes-only training program divided into three 4-week cycles with three training sessions per week
  • Comprehensive program guidelines and answers to the most frequently asked programming and exercise questions

Customer Reviews

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Can’t get it to download to print


LOVE the glute guys lifting plans. Been doing Brets BbB for over 3 years now and it is amazing.


Everything you need


I have been trying to grow my glutes for years and this book FINALLY gave me the results I wanted! I’m a quad muscular female with a more curvy athletic frame. I’ve always had the thighs, but my glutes suffered looking smaller because of them. With this program I gained 5lbs in muscle, 1.5 inch on my glutes (went from 39 to 40.5 hips), achieved a noticeable glute lift and all while staying roughly the same weight using a recomp diet plan.

The book is very straight forward and simple to follow. Love the pics since I’m a visual learner and the progressively more challenging glute workouts are great! I wish I had known about this before. Already been receiving complements from my girl friends and husband (who's my biggest fan lol)

If you’ve struggled before, try this out, you won’t be disappointed!

Great Results

I just finished this program and I've seen growth for the first time, which I was not able to achieve on my own. He definitely has the magic recipe of booty growth and I highly recommend this program.

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