Full Set of Weight Plates + Thruster Plates

SKU: Full Set of Weight Plates + Thruster Plates

This purchase contains a full set of BC Strength Weight Plates + a set of BC Strength Thruster Plates:

  • 2 x 2.5lb (1.1kg) BC Strength 2.5lb Plates

  • 2 x 5lb (2.2kg) BC Strength 5lb Plates

  • 2 x 10lb (4.5kg) BC Strength 10lb Plates

  • 2 x 25lb (11.4kg) BC Strength 25lb Plates

  • 2 x 45lb (20.4kg) BC Strength 45lb Plates

  • 2 x 45lb (20.4kg) BC Strength Thruster Plates

  • Also includes a free set of Spring Collars

BC Strength Strength Weight Plates are the ideal size to be used with any standard Olympic barbell, including all BC Strength bars and the BC T-Bell.

The BC Strength Thruster Plates are an extra 3 inches in diameter compared to standard plates. Even if you have big thighs and are using a squat sponge, you can comfortably get into position and get your thrust on. No more awkwardness!

An added benefit is that the plates naturally serve as a "jack" or elevated loading pin in that you can pile on additional weight with ease.

A final advantage of the BC Strength Thruster Plates is that you can perform "block pulls" with them without any blocks. The 1.5 inch elevation is great for people with limited hip flexion mobility who can't get into proper deadlift position without rounding their low back.

Customer Reviews

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high quality weights, fast shipping

Extremely happy with my purchase

This was a good chunk of change for me, but an olympic weight set is an investment. I am going to have these for the rest of my life. I shopped around before choosing the BC Strength plates; they are reasonably priced. Honestly, I always check the marketplace for second hand on all big purchases like this, and even olympic weights that are starting to rust and are probably 30 years old are nearly the same price as brand new ones. Plates are something that hold their value, so I figured, why not just get myself something brand new? I chose this set because I really wanted to the thruster plates because they are perfect for hip thrusts.

I have worked out at over a dozen gyms in my life because I've moved around so much, so I have worked out with a lot of different brands of plates. Maybe it is because these are brand new, but I swear I have never held plates as nice as these! They are absolutely beautiful. They have a soft/smooth rubber coating that is SO comfortable to hold. It is hard for me to grip onto most plates to move and load them. These basically have a soft ribbed handle going all around the weight, so I can pick them up and grip them comfortably without straining my fingers or tearing up my palms. Because they are so easy to hold, I am able to do other exercises with them as well. That rubber coating keeps them from clanking really loudly when they hit the floor as well. The colors and quality are exactly what I wanted.

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