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The BC Strength Bench is a lightweight, easily portable version of a regular flat bench. It can be used for a wide range of exercises, including hip thrusts, Bulgarian split squats, deficit reverse lunges, low step ups, single leg box squats, extra range side lying hip abductions, single leg hip thrusts and feet elevated hip thrusts.

  • Made from unique and durable EPE foam with a non slip cover material
  • Measures 47 inches long, 12 inches wide and 16 inches tall
  • Weight: approximately 15lbs
  • Load tested to 1200lbs
  • The bench can be flipped onto different sides to provide additional versatility 
  • Use pursuant to US Patent 10,967,213

Customer Reviews

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Such a versatile piece of workout gear! Glad to have found this from BC Strength. It did arrive with a small tear in the outer rubberized shell, but so far it hasn’t grown; luckily!


It’s a bench. And doesn’t weigh a ton.

Better than Amazon

It’s NOT an adjustable bench. It’s also not a flimsy bench, which most adjustable benches at this price point are…


Better than I thought! It's so soft and yet so unbelievably sturdy! I am excited to be able to have so many options with this! So versatile.

Dan S
The most versatile piece

Got this for a home gym setup and boy does this thing come in handy. I use it at my desk all day as a desk chair replacement and will do a ton of stretches and Yoga positions all day long while working. I move it to the living room and watch Netflix while stretching. Then I move it to my garage for a full HIIT circuit. It’s well built, got a perfectly designed grippy surface, super lightweight but surprisingly sturdy. Hands down the most functional piece of equipment I’ve ever purchased. Super happy I got this.

BC Strength Bench Exercises

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