45lb Weight Plates (set of 2)

SKU: 45lb Plates (set of 2)

This purchase contains a set of 2 x 45lb (20.4kg) BC Strength 45lb Plates.

The BC Strength 45lb Weight Plate is the ideal size to be used with any standard Olympic barbell, including all BC Strength bars.

  • The BC Strength 45lb Weight Plate are coated in natural virgin rubber, with a one-piece cast iron core
  • Each BC Strength 45lb Weight Plate weighs 45lbs (20.4kg)
  • Each Plate is 1.75 inches thick; plate diameter is 16.5 inches
  • Fit on any standard Olympic barbell sleeve up to 50mm
  • The rubber coating provides durability and helps prevent damage to floors and other equipment
  • Contain stainless steel inserts, precision tooled and polished to allow the plates to be loaded and unloaded easily
  • The quad grip handles allow for easy handling, and numerous exercise applications

Customer Reviews

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Evelyn Zoleta
Love them!

I use these plates for deadlifts and hip thrusts, and they are so simple to rack on the bar/take off as they just slide through! These plates are so convenient for any home gym you have and I highly recommend! I will definitely purchase more in the future

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