Glute Ham Pad

SKU: Thruster Pad

The BC Strength Glute Ham Pad is a professional grade lightweight balance pad. We use it at Glute Lab for nordic ham curls, kneeling band and cable hip thrusts, half kneeling cable wood chops and extra range side lying hip raises. It can also be used as a bar pad.

  • Made from plush latex-free Closed Cell Foam that compresses and springs back to its original shape after use
  • Measures 19 inches long, 2.4 inches tall and 15 inches wide
  • Textured surface prevents slipping during use

Customer Reviews

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It works for me. I just sit on it during hip thrusts instead of the hard wood floor.

Gail Mellina
Yes to the Thruster Pad!

30 Day Honest Review… I purchased this at the end of December and have used it everyday during the month of January (with the exception of Sundays, which is my “REST” Day.) I was watching my FAV YouTuber…Whitney Simmons and she referred to Bret Contreras and the Glute Bench…so begin my journey down the BC Strength Rabbit Hole…LOL. The Thruster Pad was not even on my radar until I saw and purchased it. This pad is extremely durable and I use it for sooooo many exercises. Strangely whenever I do an exercise that requires me to kneel my laces always bother me like crazy. This has totally resolved that problem and in addition it just takes away any discomfort from being on a hard floor and helps you focus on the exercise at hand. Am so glad I purchased it!

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