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The BC Strength Mat is a professional grade fitness mat that can be used to provide cushioning and support during any floor based exercises. At Glute Lab they're used for exercises such as glute bridges, frog pumps and side lying hip raises. They can be used for a wide range of supine, side lying, quadruped and kneeling exercises.

Please note that the BC Strength Mat Holder is not included in this purchase.

  • Made from chemical-free, latex-free Closed Cell Foam
  • Extra large size measures 72 inches long, 0.5 inches thick and 24 inches wide with grommets that are 15.5 inches apart on center 
  • Grippy surface enhances traction and keeps mat from sliding on floor during use
  • Dual-Sided with a textured side for increased traction during dynamic movements and a smooth side for slower controlled movements
  • Grommets for quick and easy storage (works with the wall mounted BC Strength Mat Holder)

Customer Reviews

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Gail Mellina
Best Mat!!! Worth the $$$

30 Day Honest Review… I purchased this at the end of December and have used it everyday during the month of January (with the exception of Sundays, which is my “REST” Day.) I was watching my FAV YouTuber…Whitney Simmons and she referred to Bret Contreras and the Glute Bench…so begin my journey down the BC Strength Rabbit Hole…LOL. Oh Lawdy…where have you been all my life mat? I am loving this mat! For starters, I had 2 rectangle pieces of foam designed to take to the gym with you, which I did. Well once Covid hit and I started working out from home I was using my Yoga 🧘‍♀️ mat with my rectangle foam pieces. I decided to get the mat from BC Strength and glad I did. It is ultra comfortable, does not slide and holds up great! I wipe it down with Clorox Wipes after each use and it looks brand new. I wish they would sell the rack to hang it on the wall for individual mats, but I will have to look around for a universal one. Right now I roll it up very loosely and it flattens out when in use with no problem. Definitely well worth $29!

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