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Quantity: 1 x Pair (2 Blocks)

BC Strength Blocks are sold in pairs of 2 units, and as a 10 Block Package.

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BC Strength Blocks are a multi-purpose training tool designed to provide elevation for a variety of exercises including Straddle Lifts and Step Ups. For Straddle Lifts we advise purchasing 10 Blocks in total (5 pairs) as this allows for 2 stacks of 5 Blocks at a height of 10 inches each. Each purchase of 10 Blocks (5 Pairs) also provides a discount.

The top surface is lightly textured to provide additional grip.

Please note that the BC Blocks are not designed to have weights dropped on them.

Please note that no BC T-Bell or weight plates are included with this purchase.

  • Made in the USA
  • Made from High Strength ABS (tougher and more resistant than steel or aluminium)
  • 1000lb/453kg tested load capacity
  • Dimensions: 2.00 inches tall x 15.625 inches x 19.25 inches
  • Weight: approximately 4.8lbs per Block
  • Reinforced corners for durability
  • Not recommended for use on hard/polished floors

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I loved it the best thing I bought over the past few years 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Love it


Easy to assemble and sturdy

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