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BC Strength Ankle Weights are used at Glute Lab for quadruped hip extension variations, fire hydrants, standing kickbacks, standing hip abduction, side lying hip abduction, bird dogs and reverse hypers.

This purchase contains a set of 2 x 10lb BC Strength Ankle Weights.

  • Made from high-quality Neoprene Fabric
  • One size fits all
  • Adjustable velcro straps are easy to use and provide a close and comfortable fit for any size user
  • Weight can be adjusted from 2lb to 10lbs per ankle cuff, in 2lb increments
  • The 2lb filler weights are made from a sand and steel mix and enclosed in a high quality neoprene shell. The weight mix is also enclosed in a poly bag prior to sewing of each weight filler

Customer Reviews

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Susie Segovia
Gains on the way !!

Love my new sturdy, ankle weights. High quality ankle weights can be used for multiple purposes to help build the glutes! Can’t wait to explore and see gains !!

So good!!

These are super durable and I’m so happy to have found heavy enough ankle weights!!


Love these! Very comfortable.

Vanessa Castaneda
Love these

I used to live in Brazil and adjustable ankle weights are often used for glutes and hamstrings. It has been very difficult to find quality adjustable ankle weights that are heavier than 5 weights each. I use these in lots of effective exercises, especially now with gyms being closed due to covid. I highlight recommend this product.

Satisfied as I expected I would be

I received these fairly recently and I have used them creatively. With gyms closed, these ankle weights have helped add weight in single leg hip thrusts or both legs plus a kettlebell. I, also, have taken out individual sand bags for shoulder exercises or rotator cuff exercises. They definitely are well made and worth the money. I, also, am happy to have them for reverse hypers off the bed or table. Great versatile piece of at home gym equipment, imo.

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