Resistance Band Package

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The BC Strength Resistance Band Package contains 4 individual products, and offers a 25% + saving on the regular purchase price:

  • 1 x Resistance Band Super Heavy Black
  • 1 x Resistance Band Heavy Violet
  • 1 x Resistance Band Medium Teal
  • 1 x Resistance Band Light Pink

The BC Strength Resistance Band is available in 4 different strengths, and can be used for a wide range of exercises. All BC Strength Resistance Bands are 41 inches in length.

The BC Strength Resistance Band is especially effective for exercises such as:

  • Band Thruster hip thrusts⁣
  • Band Smith machine hip thrusts
  • Band kneeling hip thrusts⁣
  • Band lying leg curls⁣
  • Band 45-degree hyper extensions
  • Band good mornings
  • Band leg press
     Product Approximate Resistance
    Resistance Band Super Heavy Black 90lbs to 152lbs
    Resistance Band Heavy Violet 62lbs to 108lbs
    Resistance Band Medium Teal 48lbs to 88lbs
    Resistance Band Light Pink 20lbs to 40lbs

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