Thruster Pad Bar

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The BC Strength Thruster Pad Bar is a highly specialized bar, with an attached back pad, designed for the hip thrust exercise. The unique design of the bar provides a hip thrusting experience that is complementary to the barbell hip thrust. With your back resting on the pad, and the torso hinging around the bar, the erectors are removed from the equation and the movement is felt mostly in the glutes. Even with significantly lighter loads, users report a similar exertion to using heavier loads as the Thruster Pad Bar concentrates the tension exactly where required.

For a more detailed explanation of the technique specific to this product please see the video below.

Please note that the BC Strength Thruster Pad Bar requires a squat rack, and an additional barbell with weights.

  • Bar dimensions: 50 inches (L) 50mm bar with 3mm heavy wall steel tubing
  • Back pad dimensions: 27 inches (L) 12 inches (tall) 3.25 inches (thick)
  • Adjustable collets to allow the bar to fit most commercially available squat racks with J-Cups (adjusting the collets requires a Allen wrench, which is included)
  • Weight: 28 lbs.
  • Black textured powder coated finish with clear zinc adjustable collets 

Customer Reviews

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Paul Cutting
Love It!!!

I was going to just buy a pad for one of my barbells from a popular pad maker, but then I found this for about the same price, which is way better because it doesn't tie up a barbell and is way lighter than a barbell so anyone can easily set it up. Over been using it a couple weeks and I'm in love with it. I thought about buying one of the thruster rigs from BC Strength but settled on this because it takes up less space in my small gym. I would definitely recommend this bar!

Ashley Layden
Game Changer!

I've been doing hip thrust for years and have tried all the "hacks" and truly, this is the way to go! This bar makes hip thrusts so smooth and allows me to lift heavier than I ever dreamed! Get the bar, you won't regret it!

George Wolf
Great piece of equipment

Works great.


Great item.


Excellent professionalism

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