Thruster Bar Lite + 45lb Weight Plates

SKU: Thruster Bar Lite + 45lb Weight Plates

This purchase includes a BC Strength Thruster Bar Lite and a a set of 2 x BC Strength 45lb Weight Plates.

The BC Strength Thruster Bar Lite is specifically designed for the hip thrust exercise. Shorter and thicker than our standard Thruster Bar, the BC Strength Thruster Bar Lite spreads the load more effectively and makes for a more comfortable exercise. The length of the bar also allows your Hip Thrusts to be more stable, producing greater glute activation. 

The BC Strength Thruster Bar Lite holds standard Olympic plates (inside diameter of 2").

The BC Strength 45lb Weight Plate is the ideal size to be used with any standard Olympic barbell, including all BC Strength bars.

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Love the bar and weights


Awesome quality 💪🏼

Emma Alvarado
Love it!

I had the gastric sleeve surgery eight months ago. I have lost 75 in such short time that my lower body feels like gelatin. I started following Bret Contreras in social media and I have been learning how to work with my lower body. I started to do the hip thrust with an exercise ball, regular weight bar and plates and I always needed someone to help me take the weights off my hips.

I bought the small bench, the thruster lite bar and the 45 lbs plates and I can feel the difference in the execution... I also don’t need anyone to help me anymore because the plates are high and I can roll them above my legs.

I’m very satisfied with the product. I also love the 4 payments option.

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