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The BC Strength Thruster Lite is the easiest way to perform banded hip thrusts at home. Each BC Strength Thruster Lite comes with 2 Regular Thruster Bands to add resistance to your hip thrusts. The Regular Thruster Band provides approximately 75 - 100 lbs of resistance. Your Thruster Bands can also be combined to provide multiple levels of resistance.

The back pad is removable to provide easy storage.

Please note that we have updated and improved the BC Strength Thruster Lite design so that no assembly is required. Just plug in the back pad and it's ready to use.

Click here to purchase additional Regular and Strong Thruster Bands for your BC Strength Thruster Lite.

  • Approx dimensions: 28" wide x 45" long x 16" high
  • Weight: 40lbs
  • Color: Charcoal grey durable textured powder coated finish
  • Padding color: Black
  • Recommended for use up to 500lbs
  • Recommended for users between 5'0" and 6'5"
  • Strong welded steel frame
  • Reinforced steel foot plate with non-slip surface
  • Comes with 4 Thruster Band attachment points for maximum versatility
  • Light Weight and easy to move and store
  • No moving parts
  • No assembly required (if you have an older v1 unit then please click here for assembly instructions)
  • Ergonomic back pad for comfort
  • Use pursuant to US Patent 8,172,736

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews

useless chunk of metal. Poor thoughtless design. Waste of money


I loved this! It is the perfect height for hip thrusts and Bulgarians. The bands are great. I def feel it in all the right places.

My only complaint, I couldn’t get the top back out, but it’s not that big a deal bc I’m not storing it away.


Very sturdy, very well made equipment


Really great overall, removed one star because the traction strips wouldn’t stay on.


I was really hoping to love this piece of equipment. I have both of the foam benches but the problem we were having was them sliding around on the gym floor. I got this thruster bench hoping it would solve that problem and ran in to several more. The bench itself is light, so it's great to be able to move it around, but it slides around as well. The back pad is a tad bit too high for anyone shorter than 5'7". The foam bench at 12" was the perfect height but this is higher and therefore more difficult to get up when hip thrusting with a plate loaded bar. We tried putting a blue foam pad under our butt on the floor to elevate us and that just made it difficult to roll the bar onto the hips for anyone with thicker thighs. When using just the bands and no bar, the bands don't have enough stretch to be able to come up in to full hip extension and they also don't offer enough resistance to replace thrusting with a plate loaded bar. I'm really bummed. I had high hopes for this thruster bench. It's so expensive to return, shipping wise, that now all I can hope for is being able to resell it brand new for half of what I paid for it.

BC Strength Thruster Lite Exercises

  • Bodyweight Hip Thrust

  • Band Hip Thrust

    Also requires a Thruster Band (included with each Thruster Lite purchase)

  • Single-Leg Hip Thrust

  • Feet-Elevated Band Glute Bridge

    Also requires a Thruster Band (included with each Thruster Lite purchase)

  • Bulgarian Split Squat

  • Feet-Elevated Push Up

  • Torso-Elevated Push Up

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