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"The BC Strength 45-Degree Hyper is the best 45 degree hyper on the market. Why? Because nobody does more 45 degree hypers than we do. They're used in all of my programs, and everyone at Glute Lab does them religiously. It took us 2 years to perfect this model because we wanted to produce 1) the most effective unit for performing the variations, 2) a unit that accommodated a 5 foot tall individual all the way up to a 6 foot 6 individual, 3) a unit that could be broken down to ship cost effectively. There are no other units out there that satisfy all 3 of these requirements.

The band pegs are the same concept I designed for my BC Strength Thruster. It makes the most sense to have T-pegs in order to easiestly load the bands and to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the bands. The thigh pads are angled in to maximize the comfortability of the movement. The handle makes it easy to adjust. And the colors, sleek design, and durability of the unit make it something you'll be very proud to put in your home, garage, studio, or gym for many years to come.

At Glute Lab, we perform a variety of 45 degree hyper variations. Beginners master two bodyweight variations: the neutral/neutral method (feet straight and torso straight), and the glute dominant method (feet flared out and rounded back). The former works the entire posterior chain including the erectors, whereas the latter makes it more of a hip extensor movement by eliminating erector involvement and increasing gluteal contribution. Once these become easy, clients can do pulses (top half reps) or prisoner style (hands placed behind the neck), or utilize resistance. We primarily perform resisted hypers by either holding onto a dumbbell, or by placing a resistance band around the upper back (or neck). Dumbbells work the entire range of motion whereas bands work more of the lockout portion of the movement.

Highly advanced lifters can try the prisoner single leg 45 degree hyper to hammer the hamstrings, or the barbell (or BC T-Bell) 45 degree hyper to utilize even greater loads. Each of the aforementioned variations are incredible and useful depending on the client and their goals."

- Bret Contreras

  • Approx dimensions: 31 inches wide x 58 inches long x 44 inches high
  • Weight: 102lbs
  • Color: Black durable textured powder coated finish
  • Padding colour: Black
  • Strong 2 inch x 2 inch 11-gauge steel construction
  • Recommended for use up to 500lbs (combined user weight and any additional load)
  • Recommended for users between 5'0" and 6'6"
  • 10-position laser engraved chrome plated height adjustment tube
  • Steel footplate with non-slip coating (Approx dimensions: 16 inches tall x 20 inches wide)
  • Includes a pair of band pegs to add additional loading to movements
  • Double stitched vinyl pads, angled for optimum comfort and effectiveness 
  • Includes weight plate holders to add additional weight to the unit when performing heavy weighted or explosive movements (optional)
  • Molded rubber feet to prevent movement during use and to protect flooring
  • Some assembly required (please click here for assembly instructions)

Customer Reviews

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Ayda Ersoy
Just perfect

Very solid and very well designed specially all the extra additions, so you can add bands both side the equipments! I just love it 😍

Another solid piece of equipment

If you get the glute rack you can already do most of all the exercises including this one. I bought this and the glute rack because I really didn’t want to bother setting up for the hyper exercise. It is very stable. I’ve debated buying the back extension by west side barbell but this is the same movement essentially.

Christina Rizzo

Incredible quality and versatility! I’m 5’ tall and it’s great for me! I bought it for my corrective exercise/personal training studio! This thing is solid and sturdy. Great fit for my tall and short clients, easy to use, and not intimidating for people to get on feeling like they’ll fall over.

Fantastic quality for the price

I bought this 45 Hyper for my personal training studio to use with my clients. I knew I wanted ways to teach hip hinging outside of the RDL. This was perfect for that. It suited all my clients whether they were 5' or they were 6'3". A couple heuristics I evaluated:

Quality for Price: $500 (as of today) for a 45 Hyper is a fantastic mid-range option that feels really premium. The build is sturdy and professional looking. The cheapest ones are usually around $150 and feel like it, and the $750-$2000 range feel like too much $ for one movement.
Thoughtfulness: I love the built-in band pegs and the plate holders, in case you wanted to try more explosive movements. Shows thought on progressing with this movement for a while. I wish they pre-assembled the skateboard/friction tape on the foot plate (you have to do that), but it's not the biggest thing.

Overall, I'm super happy with this Hyper.


Great quality, very stable, perfect for all heights, very fast shipping to Toronto :)

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