Price: $1500, plus shipping 

Please note that the Skorcher is currently only available to be shipped to the 48 contiguous US states and we have 10 units in stock. Due to the larger nature of this product, please utilise the contact form on this page to provide your shipping address, contact details and how many units you wish to order. A member of our customer service team can then contact you with a quote.

We’ve been using the revamped Skorcher at Glute Lab for the past year and clients love it. We do band hip thrusts off the Skorcher with 41” long bands and our new NT Loops which are especially smooth in resistance; single-leg hip thrusting while grabbing the handles to increase stability, allowing you to work your glutes harder; and barbell hip thrusting, which requires a couple of helpers.

The increased range of motion makes the hip thrust harder overall, increased the stretch on the hip extensors, decreases the contribution from the quadriceps, and increases the contribution from the hamstrings. The wide foot plate accommodates a variety of stance widths. This makes it an amazing tool for athletes who require a strong posterior chain. If you’ve been hip thrusting off a standard bench, you will be very humbled by the Skorcher.


  • Approx dimensions - main body of unit: 45" wide x 80" long x 36.5" high
  • Approximate weight: 260 lbs
  • 2 wheels and handles for easy transportation and storage
  • Color: Fine-textured black
  • Padding color: Black
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • The Hip Thruster is manufactured by hand from powder-coated steel so there may be very minor variations in appearance between units.
  • Heavy-duty durable padding
  • Some assembly required