The Truth About Hip Dip Workouts


In this video, I discuss hip dips...what they are, why we need to normalize them, why they're a natural byproduct of good training, and why these stupid influencers need to stop prescribing "hip dip workouts" claiming to eliminate hip dips. These charlatans who pray off of the naivety of others.

You watch - this video showing the actual science of hip dips will probably get just 100K views in the next month, but some of these pseudoscientific hip dip workouts have over 9 million views. And they don't even do what they purport to do; in fact they do the opposite! They would build glute muscle and further develop hip dips.

With the algorithms geared in favor of charlatans, why would any legit scientist waste their time on social media? Things need to change. Anyway, this is me doing my part to educate the masses. There used to be a time when scientists were rewarded for their work, I hope one day things return to that.

At any rate, please embrace your hip dips; it means you're fully developing the gluteal musculature.

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